By CoffeePotter

Colyton Bed Race

It was our village's monthly breakfast day today, so we took our guests there. They were amazed by how friendly everyone is. We sat on one of the long tables, and within a couple of minutes they were chatting away to people as though they had lived here for years. 
Later on we drove down to the coast for a walk, and then on to Colyton, to find that there was the "2018 Colyton Bed Race" going on. Lots of fascinating characters - and beds. We had missed the actual racing - which seemed to have taken place down the short hill off the town square, but there was still a lot of joviality and action going on. 
We also spotted lots of undies and clothes hanging on clothes lines from various houses. We Googled it and  evidently one local resident had hung her washing  out and received an anonymous email complaining about lowering the tone of the place - so many other residents have rallied round in support and displayed their underwear etc. outside the fronts of the houses. 

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