Marsupium Photography

By magi

do not touch

At long last we made it to the Museum of Rural Life in East Kilbride. They had their annual Country Fair with ferret racing, falconry displays, etc. The weather was nice as we were sufficiently far West to escape the haar. The gun dog show was impressive. We all loved the ferret race (my ferret won the first race). We then took a tractor ride to the top of the hill where the farm house is. Looked at the Tamworth piglets (see extra) and Max controlled a digger. The farm was really interesting. It was owned by the Reid family since the 16th century. In the 90ies they left it to the National Trust and is managed by the National Museum. The house was well posh. Finally, we managed a brief look at the inside exhibition. I was worried the place would be totally packed. It wasn't. We all had a fantastic time and will go back. More pics on flickr.

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