Hard to choose...

...what to blip. In the afternoon we visited the Highland Cattle farm (extra #2) in the neighbouring village as they (as most HC farms in Finland) had an "open doors" day.

Then I did the evening feeding early so we could get to the SaariBlues (IslandBlues) festival in Viikinsaari, Tampere, relatively early. When we got there, the Wentus Blues Band (extra #2) was already on stage. They have 32 years behind them and it shows, I liked them a lot.

Next on the main stage was Ina Forsman (extra #3), a 24-years-young blues singer who has already toured around Europe and even in the U.S. A very talented young lady and I'm sure we'll hear a lot more from her.

Third and last on the main stage was Erja Lyytinen. I think most of the 1200 members of the audience were there mainly for her and it showed. The front of the stage filled before she started, but I managed to anchor my feet firmly near the corner of the stage to a reasonable shooting position. In the main photo she's with her band, in the extra #4 alone. The first time I heard her band as a trio. Usually she has a keyboardist in the band, but if there was something  missing, she more than made up for it with a tremendous energy from the first minute to the last. The seventh time I've heard her playing live and absolutely the best!

Afterwards there was a long queue to the ships taking people back to town, but waiting for our turn watching the sun setting was not bad at all (extra #5).

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