By hazelh

Happy 300th blipday hazelh

And so the day dawns for my 300th blip. This gives an excuse opportunity to reflect on the past 100 days at Fotomatikus.

My life has been crazy-busy for years, but documenting it on Blipfoto really makes me stop, think and question whether I really need to dash about quite so much.

Looking back over the past 100 days I've made work-related trips to Birmingham, Aberystwyth, Swindon (twice), London (twice) and the US (hurricane blipping a speciality), plus social visits to Newburgh on Ythan, Shetland (for my summer holiday), Borth, Chichester (for my sister-in-law's wedding) and Cirencester.

When at home in Edinburgh everything seems to revolve around my work. July and August 2012 were particularly mad months. Two years ago I really should have spotted that planning to bring three research projects to a close within the same four week period in summer 2012 was complete folly.

I disappoint myself on the horrendously busy days when I serve up dud blips in a pathetic attempt to photograph something, and I must express apologies to all when I subject anyone who cares to pass by my journal to my moaning: this was not one of my favourite Saturdays, nor would I have chosen to watch the Olympics from here had I really had any option.

However, with the start of the new academic year in September I discovered a whole new world of Blip material: obliging undergraduate students. I currently love my Thursdays locked up in class with them - largely because nobody can get you when you're busy teaching.

I'm still having fun discovering which blips prompt a response from the wider Blipfoto community. Creamola Foam reborn was an unexpected hit, whereas the hysterical Bonxie passing place and the amazing (to me) Borth sunset were only seen by a few - perhaps because they were both backblipped?

As ever, I am humbled by the kindness of the Blipfoto community. I am very excited that ReliantRobin has offered to lend me her spare SLR - so watch this space for more interesting shots from me after the handover next week. Many have also sent kind comments to help me through the sadness of the terminal illness and death of a close friend (whose condition wasn't even diagnosed 100 days ago: such is the ferocity of pancreatic cancer). I hope that I will one day meet some of you in person to thank you for your support.

My proudest Blip moment to date, and biggest thrill of the past 100 days, was when G called me a "sophisticated algorithm". The reason why is a secret for now, but perhaps in the future I'll be able to explain...

In the meantime you may be interested in reading about my illegal 100th blip, and what I had to say at blip number 200.

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