It's that time again...

... graduation!
There was a previous blip at this time of year right here.
I'm a bit enchanted by these pastel shades.
The curves and convolutions.
The shine.
The size and the sheer impossibility of such a gigantic American car in the old part of a northern Swedish town.

It's graduation ball time, and the streets of our little town were littered with this sort of machine today. Which  made progress through town very slow, as they are used to transport the graduates to the ball. They slowly proceed, stop to let the people take photos and finally get out - and then they slowly move off. I caught this one when he was parking, in what seemed like a ridiculously small spot for such an imposing vehicle.

This year we managed not to realise it was the ball this evening, not having anyone to celebrate this year. So, unfortunately we were late arriving for the polling station training course. I guess this sort of thing is offered all over the world, but I have a feeling Sweden is super careful, this was the first of two evenings before the election on the 9th of September. 

One of the things we have to extra observant about is the following: place the voting slips from the various parties who are electable, somewhere you can see them clearly - but where you can't see which party's slips a voter is collecting to put into their envelopes, (that they then give to you to be popped into the relevant box). Suggestions would be welcome for how this is to be managed!! It sounds like Zen to me. The thing you are seeing is not the real thing... (Keith and I did a lot of suppressed giggling at this point)

It's been a much more balanced day than yesterday, bank meeting in the morning, lunch out at the Chinese restaurant, watching the compulsory films from the election authorities, doing some ink drawing and then off to town again. Thank you so much for kind words and comfort yesterday. I slept the sleep of the just and woke far too early due to the appointment. I am no longer used to all this rushing about to meet deadlines!

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