Waitrose Peonies

In Hong Kong, each of these exquisite pink peonies would have been coddled in a white fabric to prevent damage to the blooms. I bought this bunch in Waitrose, where no such care was taken.

I adore pink peonies so bought these while I had the opportunity when I went to fetch an order of Prosecco in readiness for my birthday party (ha hum). But I have to say that the blooms don't look at their best. I suspect they will 'come out' further tomorrow which will improve their appearance.

Len had driven me to Mountsorrel from the Ladies' lunch at the Outwoods Tennis Club. A super lunch too, culminating in home made pavlova cake. There never is enough pavlova cake because everyone else wants some too, although I have to admit Len was rather taken with the trifle.

From Waitrose, we drove to Marks and Spencer in Loughborough where I picked up an order and bought some Best Burgers and sausages to take to William's birthday party tomorrow. I added a gluten free party cake to my basket as otherwise I won't be included in the cake round. It looks nice. A bit heavy. Hope it's not too heavy on the stomach.

I should add that I also very much like the chiaroscuro in this shot.

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