By Veronica

Home and away

We were up before dawn and off to the airport. It would have been quite an efficient journey back had it not been for the two hours kicking our heels in Toulouse station. And the TGV proceeding for half the journey at walking pace and hence arriving in Carcassonne half an hour late.

This evening we were at a wine-tasting and tapas event at nearby Château Ciceron. It was here that an odd arty film was made in 1990. The estate has been considerably tarted up since then: immaculate gites, tasting rooms, a swimming pool, landscaped gardens. So it doesn't look much like the slightly shabby place in the film. At the tasting we bumped into our German friend H, who told us she'd worked here at the time and got to know the actors and film makers. Someone else reminded us that our late neighbour Fernand had been the régisseur here. "Régisseur de la fête," he qualified ... not much work got done when Fernand was in charge. We enjoyed some good wines, without over-indulging, and then pootled off home along the back roads.

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