Northern Star

By Lifferz


I got beads that need repairing (sung to a famous song that features at the end of the Greece movie)I removed the clasp and jump hoops that I’m allergic to, just hope I can find a sterling silver clasp as I’d like to wear this at the weekend.

Hoping to see Grayson Perry’s tapestries on Saturday and MrH’s godson has a very special event on Sunday I am attending, excited for that as it will be rather formal and hopefully good weather and atmosphere.

Lots off stuff achieved today including booking a hire car, liaising with the other parties insurance guy. Problem solving with the neighbour about a strange wall eating plant and sadly reporting an unpaid item on eBay, annoying that it’s someone local. I also did some positive work related tasks.

Great yoga session tonight, for the first time I felt very strong and I was told I had good posture.

I’ve been asked to write an academic paper on a resource I’ve invented . . . initial research by my Carfiff Uni doctoral student suggests it is effective- it’s a summer holiday job!

One of my friends has bought a very cool ‘first’ home in Scotland and girl from school contacted me to ask for some help (I’ve not kept in touch with her over the last 30 years and I’m not sure who suggested she contact me but I hope I helped).

I was told twice very recently I was an ‘a***hole’, I’ve decided after a lot of worry and reflection that it’s unsubstantiated and I think my yoga strength tonight came from my ‘intention’ tonight [we set an individual and private intention at the start of class each week]. I’ve decided I need to give more time, space and priority to ‘respecting myself’ - isn’t yoga great?

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