By wellsforzoe


12th June 2018

very early in our life in Malawi we discovered they clean water was the first need in every village, but strangely (maybe for us) preschools was always second on the list.

Rural Malawian people value as my parents did in Roscommon all these years ago. 

In Malawi kids go to school at six which is way too late, and at six they have their jobs and tasks and ofter just never go.

So like much of what we do we gave it a try.

We now support over 70 preschools and are soon to take on 50 more in and area about 180 km from base where they have 50 schools but no one ever got training and these women are so anxious to be helped.

Our two trainers, Miriam and Margaret have been finally recognised by the Ministry when they realised they couldn't cope with the numbers themselves

Got a report from Miriam and Margaret but it has been magiced off by witches maybe!!

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