I am grateful for ...

By shirleyray

Picture Window

Bunker & I were sitting in the courtyard enjoying the cool morning temperature. I was trying to get a picture of him on my lap and saw that the reflection in the window looked like a picture. My blip was in the bag early!

Gary left very early this morning (2:00am) without waking any of us. He is on his way to Denver for a pickleball tournament and a visit with Aaron. Tony has a deposition that will keep him away from the house most of the day. The house is all mine! 

Laundry is being done, the guest room is getting turned back into my office, I don't have to worry about meals (leftovers in the refrigerator), my blip is done and now I can concentrate on catching up with your journals!

Life is good!

I am grateful for the activity that company brings and equally grateful for getting back to normal routines after the fun has turned in to a memory.

Until tomorrow......

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