(NOT) Squirrel Proof....

I can't believe this is happening again. About three years ago a young squirrel kept going inside a similar bird feeder, and one day it got stuck coming out. Tom had to free it with the wire cutters & we had to buy a new feeder. Now THIS young one has taken to squeezing through the bars--I don't know how often a day it's in there, but I filled the feeder last evening, so it must be fairly frequently--and so far it's still able to get back out, but if it keeps eating like that, it'll get stuck for sure. I've been throwing peanuts out front, thinking it will be happy with those & leave the bird seed alone.....apparently not!    Mae, my little watchdog, is the one who noticed it in there today and called for me, so I was able to get a picture. Silly squirrel!  :))
Thanks admirer for hosting SillySaturday!!

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