Home Is Where the Hummingbirds Dance

In the past week, I've gotten around quite a bit, and I've seen some things and had some fun. But I have to say that it was also good to come home. There are two fur-faces (one about six feet tall, the other about two feet tall) here who adore me. They are so glad that I am home.

And it feels really good to sit in my shady, quiet backyard with a book and my camera. On this afternoon, two huge yellow butterflies were chasing each other high above the trees. The robin sat quietly on her nest. And the air was filled with the buzzing and squeaking of hummingbirds.

I took some photos of the little birds - I think this one is my little buddy Squeaksie, who is king of both the front yard feeder AND the backyard feeder. Isn't he amazing? Here is what I have learned. You can go far away and have lots of fun. But home is where the hummingbirds dance!

The song: Elton John, with Tiny Dancer.

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