It's not all pastoral quietude...

... sometimes we go to town. In this case 4 kilometers away to the tip, or the re-cycling centre as it is formally known. A very well organised place it is, with huge containers for every kind of material. And now with a heap of our plastic and cardboard waste in its coffers. Plus a defunct car battery. Brilliant to have such a facility so close.

We needed to buy milk and fruit and an ice cream. We sat on a set of steps, eating the ice cream, watching the world go by. There was SO much traffic in Älandsbro. It's the main north south road, so I suppose that's fair enough, but it was a lot heavier than the winter traffic. There were lots of motor-homes and caravans, and the usual array of massive trailers. It was all quite exciting after the silence of the forest and the steady buzzing of the bees in the garden.

Today there were Swifts, or Swallows or something with forked tails flying incredibly low, sometimes landing very briefly on the ground 2 metres from our breakfast table. There were some circling high above us, and some swooping about lower down. I haven't seen them before today but I'm told they've been around for a day or two. It was windless, so I guess there were plenty of tasty insects low down today.

We felled things, erected shelving in the boathouse, sorted out a way of storing the kayaks sensibly and chatted to our neighbour Sven-Erik. He swam in the lake today and reported that it was 18,5 degrees in the water. So yesterday was probably more like 17. Chilly enough!

The days are very full at the moment, and we sleep the sleep of the just, and the very knackered. 10 hours is a record for me, apart from when I'm ill. The green gym delivered today, as usual. Loving summer despite all the bites!

The extra shows men, working.

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