The air was fresh

Fresh; as in clean after being washed clean of pollutants by all the rain in the days since we arrived home after our trip to England and Iceland.

Fresh; as in cold enough to chill the bones on my ride to the hospital.

Fresh; as in cloudless in front of the rising sun, seen through the gap behind the bike shed.

I spent a half hour before breakfast moving the plant pots from the edges of the deck to the middle as the painters had decided that today they would waterblast the old paint, which I'm sure removes enough to justify them having to repaint earlier than if they just washed the building. Later today we got an email informing us that when they had waterblasted the atrium on Monday they'd caused water damage to the lift. Rain damage to the lift a few years ago caused it to be out of service for over two years until the body corporate got the lift cladding replaced and insurance sorted.

So, fresh as in a fresh start might be in order, somewhere other than here.

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