This morning's cycle didn't end well

Taking the turning for Redditch, I started to head down a steep bank, muddy and covered with leaves. Some of the leaves hid a pothole which I crashed through, taking a gash through my rear tyre and leaving the front wheel looking decidedly irregular. Puncture fixed, I reckoned it was time to head directly home. I was only a couple of miles away when I came down Salisbury road. It's a busy route, and there was a large queue of traffic trying to get past a stopped bus. Taking my turn in the queue I followed the line of cars past the bus...

...and then came to in an ambulance. I can't remember what happened, and no-one on the scene saw me hitting anything, just me and a bike gambolling down the road, in the words of the policeman. It looks worse than it is, lots of grazing, and a few stiches in my chin. They let me come home after a CT scan of my head was normal. Oh well... if it's good enough for Wiggo, it's good enough for me. I've no idea if the bike got away with it; I do wonder if the wheel collapsed after the damage it sustained in it's bump earlier that day.

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