Lindesnes Fyr

We had stayed just outside Mandal and went back in the morning to see what is claimed to be Norway’s best beach. For all Norway’s magnificent scenic splendours you can’t include beaches apparently. What would Norwegians make of Harris or countless others around the British coast. As we were so near the southernmost point in Norway it seemed churlish not to visit. We drove into the car park and set off for the lighthouse only to find the way barred by someone wanting 160 Krone for the privilege. I thought that the best part of £16 to look around a rocky top with most of the signs in Norwegian a bit steep. Luckily we had no money, so went back to the van and so looked at the map. Norway has joined the UK in celebrating places that have no claim to their title. So we set off for the real southernmost point on the adjacent finger of rock; the blip is taken on our way there and shows the imposter. We had our lunch and drove to Lista Fyr, the first extra , and looked around it and its environs. Most of southern Norway is very rocky and there is very little shore, but Lista Fyr is on a large flat, but stony, peninsula and so is very different. It also has a small herd of Alpacas, second extra for one of them after a bad haircut.

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