By mindful_life

200 Blips!

Wow... 200th blip.... I hadn’t realised this until I checked my emails and saw it approaching!

My blips have been sporadic at times with my own personal difficulties taking their toll at times, but generally when things are good, blip helps me to focus on all the wonderful things on our planet and also the amazing community in blip.

So... looking forward to the next 100 I hope that I can say some positive and inspirational words to you all and offer you support for your journal.

My photo choice has been difficult today though because I have spent 8 hours on poolside for my son’s gala (whilst painfully uncomfortable and hot for me, I will always be there to support my children in everything they do). So I have a photo of me, during a break which I also might use to update my profile picture!

Happy 200th post to me!! X

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