A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

1500 and breath...

Today I found my 1500th continuous Blip at The World Garden at Lullingstone Castle. 

This selection from the day will be my last Blip for a while, I need to have a break. 

I have found it hard to keep up with the journals I follow and I do have a number of other projects that need my time and limited brain cells.

I have enjoyed the ride and the support I have had for the past 1500 days. Thank you all! ;o)

For the past couple of years I have coordinated the hosts for Mono Monday. This will be overseen by Nickimages888. July will be hosted by si_b who has a very interesting month installed for you! August will be hosted by laurie54.

I have added a few extras from the day at Lullingstone. They had another Fire Engine Rally. Other snaps can be seen on my Flickr page.

FYI the main image is Tom Hart Dyke, creator of The World Garden, showing me the Amorphophallus nepalensis plant that had just come into bloom. 

From seed to bloom can take up to 20 years. The 'effects' can last just for a few hours. Having the nickname the Corpse Flower or Dog Poo Plant you can see why some would be glad of the short term effect. It was very strong...

Thanks again one and all. I still have my account and will pop into journals when I get time. 

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