Day Trip to Swindon

I met Mrs C today at the Outlet shopping centre in Swindon. It's about halfway between here and Bath so a good place to meet.
Papa took Miss E the other day to the Steam museum there but I've never been. It's lovely!! 
I'm not really fussed about shopping but I loved the conversion of the old railway buildings and the industrial machinery and ironmongery incorporated into the modern shopping centre.
I dropped Archie off with Nana on my way through Bicester and then carried on to Swindon. My SatNav went a bit loopy and decided I might like a tour of every back street of Swindon before I got to the Outlet Centre. Bloody thing!
Luckily Mrs C was late as usual so it didn't matter. I bought Miss E a couple of bits for her PGL tomorrow before she got there.
It was only a flying visit as we both had to get back for school pick ups. We had a bit of a browse round - I got Miss E some new shoes from Clarks because the way she goes on you'd think she didn't own a pair of shoes!!, and a few massively reduced gift sets in M&S which I've already bought at full price to give to the Little Misses' friends as birthday presents. Result!!
Then it was to Wagamamas for a delicious lunch and our usual chat about children, jobs and holidays.
Then it was time to go. Obviously too short but lovely to see Mrs C as ever.
It took me longer than I thought to get back to Bicester. Traffic was slow all the way so I was late picking up Archie and had no time to drop him off at home before going to get the Little Misses.
Ordinarily on a Monday we go straight to rock climbing from school but tonight I planned to go shopping for PGL stuff while Miss E was climbing and didn't want to leave him in the car in this heat. 
So it was a rush back home once I'd got the Little Misses, chucking him inside and then setting off back the way we'd just come.
Sometimes my life is just one big rush!!!
I dropped Miss E off at climbing and then Miss L and I rushed to Primark, H&M, Marks and Spencers and Sports Direct to buy cycling shorts, leggings and t-shirts, sausage rolls, gluten free spaghetti bolognese and a gluten free egg sandwich, and a little day rucksack and suitable sized suitcase (to match the bigger ones mum and I have already bought) for Miss E to take tomorrow. 
Then it was a rush back to rock climbing, with a quick detour to McDonalds for Miss E's hamburger and chips so we didn't have to go once she'd finished and I could get home in time for the football!
The evening was spent watching football and grunting at Mr K because I'm too knackered to speak!!

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