Hearts for TiPS22

This time, Tiny People Sunday/ month TiPS was running over the whole June. I want to thank everyone who participated at this fun challenge :-)
You can see all entries of TiPS22 or TiPSJune18 here.
I decided, that everybody deserves a heart for their creativity.
My Hanullis are very generous and help with spreading hearts.
So this blip also hits si_b's MonoMonday challenge for July:
Virtues and vices, I love his challenging idea! :-)

For July the tag for the Tiny People Challenge is TiPS23 or TiPSJuly18.
I'm looking forward to many creative entries. You can tag as many entries as you like. Have fun!!!

My hearts in no particular order go to:
flossie Too many cooks spoil the broth :-)
Paladian for hero Minny Blipper
rosewiles7 for her problem with the first word
Paladian Marie is save. But she has a dangerous father :-)
admirer for a fabulous birthday party 
Stiffknees for the cute fairy garden
JanetH for her "Murder in the vicarage"
Paladian for her ingeniousness in her Minny Blipper story
JanetH Be prepared (for disappointments)
dfb24 for her day at the beach
craftylady for her adventurous tinies in a wonderful flower basket
Paladian for Minny on his way to new places
JanetH with a little help of my friends
dfb24 for her dangerous water adventure
Tigger101 The nasty Magno-z's are back!

I will deliver the missing hearts as soon as my hearts are recoverd.
Did I overlook anybody? Than please contact me!
I hope I'll react quicker to your entries in July. Looking back at my own entries for TiPS in June, I realized, that it was a very challenging month. 
Especially the never ending troubles and chagrin with P. cost a lot of power. So it's no wonder that I fall asleep when I sit at the computer in the late evening....

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