Serious sunshiney Keith

I thought Keith looked magnificent with the sun behind him at lunch time today. But when I took the photo he wasn't sure about it at all, so here is looking a bit concerned. The expression might be because he has a bit of a cold - very unsuitable!

I have a bit of a hip today, it's quite intensive training for 2 hours at a stretch. It usually only takes a few minutes, even when I really practise it isn't more than an hour...

Gorgeous sunny weather, so we have been eating outside. There are only very tiny, rather dried up billberries this year, it's so incredibly dry. Meanwhile in Thailand boys are huddling in a cave, trapped by unseasonal rain, hoping to get out before the system gets even more flooded. It seems like everyone's weather is on the blink.

Sweden will be playing England in the quarter-finals. The family bantering has begun, from both sides. The record shows more wins for Sweden, but you wouldn't think so to hear the rather boastful bantering!

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