musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha


... and Buddhist prayer flags at the stupa near our place.

I didn't find the wire distracting or interesting until I went out of Nepal.  I had, however, heard my bideshi (foreign) friends call them interesting.

This makes me realise unless we gain new perspective we don't get the opportunity to find differences and we tend to define right and wrong based on our little worldview.

There are different ways of doing things. I have sadly heard people confront each other on what is right and what is wrong. Well, not everything should have one right way of doing things.

Afterall, rules were made by those who benefited from it the most. The history is our witness. Simple example: the caste system in Nepal and India were made to benefit the royals or the then rulers.

I do agree that not all rules were created to benefit the few powerholders. For example, the traffic rules protect people if followed properly (which my countrymen, including me, are very bad at!).

My job has changed the way I think and I sometimes question everything. I will let you decide if this is right or wrong. ;)

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