Burgundy Beauty

My annual sweet peas are just coming into flower in the garden now, adding scent as they join the everlasting variety. More perfume in the air as the honeysuckle comes into bloom, too, while nasturtiums are bringing vivid colour.

The buddleias have been covered in butterflies all day  - small tortoiseshells, peacocks and red admirals, plus the occasional small white.Photographed all but the elusive white (see Extra).

I'm blaming a hot sleepless night, followed by intensely bright sunshine, for a day of two migraines - an aura over one eye at 5am as soon as I opened the curtains, and another over my right eye at 2pm when my eye caught a flash of sunlight through the window. Tablets kept any severe pain at bay, but a dull ache over both eyes is making me hope I sleep better tonight. (Noting it here mainly for my own reference - trying to discover if any pattern emerges as I seem to be getting migraines more frequently.)

Many thanks for all the stars, hearts and lovely comments for my yesterblipped vole. Glad you liked it.

Have a lovely weekend, blipmates!

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