Sunset and the haar

A working Sunday, much of which was spent in the workshop.

So it was good to get out for a  late evening walk. It was just past 9.00pm when we set off, and still very warm. Up Ramsey Lane and up to Horsdon, a not-very-big hill with some interesting views. As we walked the sun was setting, and in the distance to the north we could see the haar rolling in from the sea up the Tweed valley. Humbleton Hill is to the left of the blip. Further round the path there were good views over Kettles Hill Fort. Not much wildlife in evidence this evening, apart from hundreds of rabbits and a noisy lapwing, agitated by our presence as we walked down through a field, probably too near its nest for its liking.

Down to Wooler via Cheviot Street, stopping at the Black Bull on the way back to the flat for a well deserved drink.

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