Bad News

"Brexiters are like my dog Stan. He spent 15 years chasing the neighbour's  cats. One day he cornered one and didn't have a clue what to do next.  So he sat down and licked his balls."

That’s my quote of the day. Not my words of wisdom, but some very accurate black humour. 

In other political developments, I found myself looking at another dreadful mess this morning. A constituent’s property has been damaged by a housing developer building new houses on the adjoining land. No doubt that incident will be covered by insurance.

However, the cause was the developer’s personnel breaking an underground water supply pipe. They did a temporary repair to the pipe, and then went bust last week. So the water could escape again and repeat the incident. The bank appointed administrator wan’t be interested in taking over liability to fix the pipe. 

The problem is a bit more complex than that, with all kind of legal implications, and I was delighted to be able to avoid getting into those. I feel really sorry for the constituent who has done nothing wrong, but is now stuck in the middle of a massive mess created by others, with no obvious way out of it.   

Well maybe we can help by rattling a few cages and seeing what the response is. We’ll do our best.

The Blip is the constituent’s driveway. The escaping water caused that large hole to appear and his septic tank collapsed. Collapsing or flooding septic tanks are bad news, not just for the owner necessarily, but especially for those living downhill.

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