Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

On "the steps"

Took our morning walk up the steep part of a trail we call “the steps”, rocks that were there and rearranged slightly as a path...better than scrambling up the cliff.      Maple sugar seems to be  wondering why we are so slow.   This is just past an area where she got stung by bees awhile ago but we’ve taken care off them (or I wouldn’t be there ) .  You can see we have, after many many years, put a rope “railing” up the last steep part.     

The water was so good that H and I also had a row in the double…Moms and baby seals swimming about (extra) …and it got very warm.  I usually walk or row but not both the same day.   Easier to just take one boat out tho.   Enjoying the peace and quiet, and being lazy.  

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