Sunset over Desert Queen Baths Campsite

This campsite wasn't actually very close to the Desert Queen Baths, but it was incredibly scenic and a memorable spot. 

I even had sanddrifts under my swag stretcher, because of the incessant wind overnight, and got determined to have it sited away from the prevailing wind in the future! I had just about everything on, inside my zipped-up swag, that I could. The desert can be unforgivingly cold in winter.

We stopped at Lake Dora, a saltlake, (see extras) for pics, and then refuelled at Punma on the Telfer Mine Rd - where we managed to get mobile reception too, from the mine! The outside world still exists.

We were served an Italian gourmet meal tonight, under the stars, with Italian opera music! Magic. The food is amazing, especially as it's mostly cooked on campfires.

I've made friends with R. from Tasmania, and she and I have teamed up to sort out our swagsites and carry our gear. Nice to have a swag mate!

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