Before and After

Allium christophii is good value as beyond the - all too brief this year - explosion of flowers, what remains as the seed capsules slowly ripen has architectural beauty through the rest of summer and beyond.  The continuing drought means that things crisp and dry may feature here more often :-/

An excellent day.  We were out early to visit Grandma, Jacinta's Mum, in the home that is currently her base.  While visiting yesterday I'd offered to take her out, an offer that was greeted with a very positive response.   Apart from hospital and the home, she's only been out of her own house a couple of times this year.  We wheeled her along to St John's Cathedral which used to be her parish church when she was young.  We attended the morning Mass and then adjourned to the cathedral garden coffee shop for hot chocolate.  One tired but happy lady returned to base after a couple of hours out.

Later, after I'd watered and planted out leeks at the allotment, Jamie and I had an hours walk / wheel along country lanes near Grandma and Grandad's house.  Grandad is having a few days rest and recuperation at a hotel on the coast.  We left flowers and a gift for him from Jamie at the house, for when he returns tomorrow.

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