Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Yesterday's was the first real rain in ages; today it was off again and I was interested to see if it had made any apparent difference (impatient? moi?) Well actually yes, it had. The grass in the back garden looked a much more vigorous green than it did - but not all of it. That's where you can really tell how difficult the weather has been for gardeners and, by extension, farmers.

That bald bit on the grass was caused by the builders who were rendering our kitchen/bathroom extension back in June. They left all their stuff in our wee garden - scaffold poles, planks, ladders, a cement-mixer, buckets ... They also walked up and down this path carrying impossibly heavy stuff on their shoulders - and they didn't always stay on the path, as there's a border full of old shrubs that get a tad exuberant and have to be cut back periodically. So the builders walked on the grass.

I don't think it'll grow again this year. We may have to re-sow it, and I reckon we're not wanting to do that with another dry spell. So for now, our grass has alopecia. 

Now how much was that astroturf ...?

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