Had a quiet day today.  Had to get up early as I was expecting a re-delivery of  two parcels via Royal Mail.  For the rest of the morning I mostly caught up with TV viewing.

Later on I stirred myself to do some household chores and also watered the outside flower pots.  The sky kept going dark and I was expecting rain all day but it never came.  It was warm and muggy again.

Our local Co-op was recently refurbished and to encourage people to shop there they have put a coupon through letterboxes offering a £5 discount when you spend £20.  Too good an offer to pass up so I headed for the Co-op this afternoon. 

I think the butterfly in my blip shot is a Peacock.  I was surprised the shot came out at all as the butterfly was on a  Buddleia flower which was above my head and I had to stand on tiptoes and just point the camera in the general direction of it - no chance to focus.  Then it was gone so this is my one and only photo. Thanks to Nickimags888  for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

My Buddleia bush is huge - I have added a shot to my Extras.  When Neil saw it last week he wasn't impressed and said it was too overgrown and should be cut down. I agree that it is far too big but there are so many lovely flowers in bloom and the bees and butterflies love it - so its staying.  I will cut it back when its finished flowering.

Steps today - 10,027

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