By Topsyturvy

Lime Hawkmoth caterpillar

Found (unsurprisingly) on a lime tree by LH when trimming overhanging branches along the drive. What a beauty (and the moth is quite lovely too).
Poppydog and I had a walk near Chruch Stretton and encountered a Fire and Rescue vehicle driving over the hillside - maybe just checking things out (extra). And some wild ponies who were unfazed as we went past (another extra).
I was buying a card for a newly arrived great-niece (1:30 am this morning!) when a wonderful scent hit my nostrils - that of rain! Only a mild drizzly version for about 15 mins but so welcome.
Tidied my workroom a bit so my sister has a hope of using it, plus undercoating window frames (again) and quilting the borders of Dad's quilt - nearly there now.
We finally got round to watching The Bridge tonight - and of course, had to do 2 episodes... chilling but soooo good!

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