Here and Now

By Mole

Misty Morning

An early walk on the eastern section of Frohring Meadows. Ahhhh...quietude in wide open space, morning mist, gentle breeze, bluebirds, redwing blackbirds, swallows, grasses, wildflowers, tall trees at the perimeter. Nobody but me and nature. :)

Surrender and Trust. And live.

UH is very sloppy system-wide on every level. Quality care has significantly deteriorated.

Listened to an interesting radio discussion on the 50th anniversary of the Glenville riots after seeing tv interviews last night. I was 11 years old at the time and had little to no awareness of them. Probably a parental choice. Grateful for having lived a safer life. So sad. Many scars remain alongside opportunity.

Beautiful cloud formations this afternoon on a breezy sunny day.

I appreciate your blips, visits, stars and hearts.

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