Productive for 2 hours at least!

Tai Chi in the shade.
More hammock slumbering.
Washed stuff and hung it out to dry, fetched it in.
Listened to Paul Hansen, photographer, speaking on the radio.
Fantastic, uplifting, interesting and good music too.
You can see pictures here.
The text is in English.

Got too hot.
Went up to my workroom in Betty's because the heat exchange unit is also an air con unit.
Didn't realise that when we installed it.
It was so nice to be in 19 degrees of cool for an hour or two.

I covered some tins with marbled paper I made a few years ago.
Some of these are today's, some I did earlier.
You can stand pencils in them, or bread sticks, or whatever.
I give them away to friends who visit, so they are all over the place!
I prefer the ones that are white inside, but not exclusively.
Some are ridged, some smooth, some have lids, some don't.
The arabic writing is a discontinued history book  (from the library) that I slaughtered to use the paper with writing on it.
The thumbnail tin is painted.
I made sure it wasn't a sacred text I was butchering...

Feeling a bit brighter, coughing more, but differently.
Probably good news!
More good news is that rain is on the way, less good is the strong wind that has been fanning the flames in various parts of Sweden today.
Here is calm at the moment, we'll see how we get on if the storm includes lightning strikes.

Perhaps a couple of episodes of The Crown tonight?

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