musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha

Introducing Bolt...

At 1 pm in the afternoon yesterday, Kritee rushed to our house to tell us Bolt had disappeared. She said she looked for him everywhere in the house and asked the neighbours. One neighbour saw him take a left turn. It was a futile search. She gave up and came to tell me the news.

We were all sad. Where would that little kid run to? Kritee left, very sad.

Less than five minutes of Kritee leaving our house, I got another news. My cousin called me to give the good news: they FOUND Bolt. Somebody took him into their house when they saw him wandering. With his non-stop crying, they gave up!

The gate at the other house has big enough gap on the bottom for little puppies to go in and out. My sister, cousins and some other people heard Ccino and Domino bark to perhaps stop Bolt from leaving and let people know. Sadly, nobody paid any attention.

Dogs and human were both happy to be reunited with the little boy.

It's funny to watch Bolt go between Bailey and Domino when they are playing. Zuzu is still unsure if she likes him or not. She usually takes some time so I think she is okay.

Hope you have a good week! These days I wish I could switch weekend with the weekdays! ;)

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