By sp33dway

walking through the fall

had a call ten minutes into my morning run: Dad was ready to come home. JoyHappyHapHap.

we met with the consultant before we left and this sadly isn't over, but at least today was one hurdle jumped. the folks over at Macmillan and CancerResearchUK have been an invaluable resource for me, but Dad being Dad he's trying to keep the blinkers on and doing his best to avoid thinking or knowing about much. And part of me doesn't blame him.

spent lunch with ladySp33d and our good friends H&G for a catchup in the leaf strewn ale garden at our foodypublocal the Pant Yr Ochain, before G and I headed off to catch the Wales game down the Red. Shame the welshBoyos played badly and the Argy's played so well, but it was still a great day topped of with me and the lass scaring ourselves doolally watching The Woman In Black on VD.

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