Border Tails

By Swannie

MonoMonday - wrath

This Teefer (T for Trouble), my littlest cat, but the one with the biggest attitude and definitely “top dog” in the house. She was a young adult when I got her seven years ago and she had spent over six months in a pen as she has three legs and was labled “hard to home’.

She can be the purriest, most affectionate, wee cat, who wants endless cuddles and attention. This is usually in the middle of the night, however. At other times, she can be the grumpiest, wee crabbit beastie, who will only tolerate a quick chin rub. She also has a hidden murder-button which is very easily activated. Recently JJ has been incurring her wrath, as she has decided that pouncing on her is a good idea, and this leads to all sorts of hissing and growling from Teef.

She was lying on my bed this morning and I managed to capture her “wha
daur meddle with me?” look.

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