musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha

The wooden cube

... that Bailey found some weeks ago to replace his lost balls. 

Off work today to catch up on my studies equals watching the dogs do some funny stuff, eating, wanting to sleep (thankfully, I didn't!), taking photos and videos of the dogs, moving the dogs off the bed (I like to read in the bedroom), and what not!

So I heard Zuzu 'growling' at Bolt and Bolt barking at Zuzu. When I went to see what was going on I found out that Zuzu was not happy with Bolt asking her to play with him but Bold Bolt would not stop barking at her, perhaps asking why not?!

Just like in the picture from yesterday, Zuzu loves her spot on the sofa. Bolt looked at Zuzu and found himself an empty spot... He jumped and failed each time he tried. Sorry, but it was really funny to see those tiny paws try. He eventually gave up.

And Bailey playing with his wood! ;)

I did make some progress in my studies: not as much as I had hoped though. Will see if I can wake up early tomorrow morning to do the rest.

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