The first

We are having a series of workshops to which we have invited staff, interested others (such as NGO representatives), and special interest groups. Today's workshop was to focus on what we should be aiming to do in mental health services for Pasifika people. Two or three have already been held, but today's was the first I have been to; other commitments prevented me from going to the previous ones. And will interfere with my attendance at some of the ones still to be held.

Previously when I have been at such workshops, we have all bee asked to write ideas on Post-it notes, and afterwards, someone has to collate the ideas and type them out as a "report" to our Director. This time, there was a facilitator, who got us all to join the community centre Wi-fi, and then we were given a URL to join, with a password. This allowed us to submit electronically what previously we would have written on a Post-it note. This was the first time many of us had used something like this, and it was both user friendly and very effective. And no one has to do any typing up afterwards.

After the end of the workshop, I rode my bicycle to the hospital, through the Auckland Domain.Going through this lovely mix of trees and open spaces, I spotted a bright yellow flower in a mass of spiky green leaves, and brown dead leaves. The first daffodil I have seen this spring.

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