First sighting!

Spent a happy afternoon on the beach, reading in the sunshine in between a succession of sea-swims. Though I very much missed my swim-buddy, I had the delight of spotting this small bird scampering along the tideline. It was only about the size of a blackbird, or possibly smaller. My research suggests it's a sanderling (Calidris alba) - a summer visitor.

I've added a clearer image as an Extra, but liked the movement in this setting with the gentle waves breaking. Very excited to spot a bird I've never seen before! Would be very happy to know if anyone can confirm its identity ...

Without a wind, the biggest waves were produced by a passing motor-boat. The sea was a lovely temperature and so was the calm air.  I'd not like to be in Spain right now, where temperatures have reached the high 40s centigrade. Must be totally draining!

Have a lovely weekend, blipmates.

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