By wws1968

Door Lock Dilemma

Had a key snap in the back door last night. Phoned locksmith who wanted an out of hours call out of £70 and then a further £45 per hour plus parts...and "it could be a tricky job", "your insurance will be void if door not secured"  he said. All in he was quoting at least £150 plus parts.

Being  tight arsed Scotsman frugal, I decided to strip out the lock which literally took five minutes, drill out the cylinder and reset tumblers which I'll not go into the details but this got the door secure for the night. 

A quick visit to Screwfix, other DIY stores are available to purchase lock barrel which literally took ten minutes to fit at the pricey sum of £14.25 
I'm now considering my career options as a trainee locksmith.

Busy Saturday today with several jobs lined up and my eldest sixteenth birthday, how the hell did that happen? Lady V on earlier this morning so got up at six to make her a cuppa and get her uniform ready, roast dinner for her coming home also so should be racking up the "brownie points".

Have a great weekend whatever your up to :)

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