Looking for the beauty

By looking4beauty


Yet another beautiful day. This has to be the best summer ever. After going to the gym this morning, Chris and I decided to pop into town via the Quarry as it's the Flower Show next week and more difficult to get in unless you pay! The Dingle is stunningly beautiful and ready for the show but I've blipped that many times so I chose this one as I feel it reflects the happy atmosphere in the Quarry.
While in town we popped into Listers to have a look for a new corner unit for the dining room. We couldn't leave without stopping at the cafe so I ordered a vanilla frappe and Chris a coffee. I nearly spat mine out as it tasted of coffee and not vanilla and I hate coffee! The girl on the till explained that a frappe is coffee based. Well I won't be having one of those again that's for sure! Chris drank it and they replaced mine with a vanilla milkshake with some naughty cream on the top and all was well again.

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