(It's) our turn now!

One of the V slogans for the election campaign that is almost underway, is our turn now - meaning something along the lines of our time has come! It would certainly be lovely if that were the case, but our approximately 10% of the vote isn't going to woosh in a Socialist government. However, the bigger our share, the louder our voice. 

Today I spent some time working on the stencils that will be available for use on T-shirts, if anyone is interested in printing their own next week. Not sure about the styles of the lettering at all, but I really love the carnation with the V in the centre. That stencil is from a plastic overhead projector sheet, the others are from wax-coated milk packets. I might have a go at some more plastic... tomorrow. We'll be standing on the town square (in jazzy T-shirts), along with all the other political parties, available for conversations and questions from any voter that wanders by. And they do wander by. It's a tradition here to meet the voters this way, and it has many good points - such as showing that people you know are supporting one group or another, and that they are not monsters even if you have different views. Mostly. One group are monstrous in my eyes, but we shall see how it all pans out after September 9th

I slept well with chemical aids, and woke to my first day for 10 days without antibiotics, by mid-afternoon I was SO perky! Like a new woman, what a relief. Still coughing like a person who works in a dust cloud though. We went for a walk and during the time we were out the big sweaty arrived - super humidity and heat all of a sudden. Nothing to the 45 degrees that friends in Portugal are experiencing. There is actual growth happening now, it is a treat to see the green returning, where everything was golden just a week back.

I'm reading the Lewis trilogy of detective stories by Peter May at the moment. A new venture for me, and I'm sort of hooked - and sort of put off by the very masculine take on things. (Fair enough, May is a bloke after all.)But the setting is fascinating me, the many delights and difficulties of life on the island of Lewis.

We have drunk a lot of fizzy water today!

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