Good as new...

... if not better!

We were going to need an axe this evening, to sharpen the stakes for the placards. This little axe seemed a good choice, it has a lovely shaped shaft but the blade badly needed sharpening. The wooden handle was a right mess, full of ancient paint and other unwanted things - possibly tar?

Anyhow, I like renovating things so I got cracking with a good sharp Mora knife and scraped the handle down, then sanded it with rough and finer sandpaper and got rid of all the bits that were lose and sticking up to catch the unwary hand. Then I oiled it with some of the oil primer left over from when we had a wooden boat. And finally a bit of rape seed oil to finish off.

The  blade was a much harder job, but with a stone, some oil, some elbow grease and a good dose of persistence it's a lot sharper now. I cleaned the metal with sandpaper, and coarse wire wool. I think it looks a million dollars and felt happy for it to be seen in company as we worked on the placards.

Keith and I wore the newly printed T-shirts to show what was possible, and to see if anyone else was interested. I think that was a yes. So now we have 60 or more placards ready for putting up around town and in the outlying areas of the municipality. From 17.00 on Friday we can start.

The axe was in Betty's when we bought the place, along with a lot of other tools, ancient and modern. Mostly in poor repair, but I know you can work wonders on good tools even when they look like they're ready for the tip. I put my mark on this one, claiming it!

I called the surgery this morning and saw the same nurse as before, and now have an appointment for Thursday. They are rather like gold dust, so I'm happy to have that sorted. Keith no longer wakes up when I burst into wild coughing int he night, apparently it is just the normal sound his wife makes these days... I'm getting fed up of coughing, and fed up of mentioning it on blip so I won't!

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