......Silver Anniversary can be seen from my kitchen window. It's always a joy to watch the full buds open over a period of a day or two, see the waxeye's flit in to nibble at tiny bugs and sip nectar and to watch bumble bees and honey bees fly in for the pollen, it's a real hive of activity in this bush.

But.....for those of you who don't like camellia's browning in bad weather, don't buy this one, it's quite bad for browning but it doesn't bother me as the pro's more than out-way the con's and some brown blooms can be quite pretty in their decaying form.

Thank you for yesterdays lovely words, you were all on the right track it was indeed a flower which is no surprise for those who follow my journal. It was in fact a wattle flower not the friendly face of a pansy which many of you thought. I quite enjoyed creating the 'blast' :)

Tuesday......thick fog this morning made way to a beautiful calm day. Quite warm, 16C which is good for this time of the year. We heard today R is not very good, unsure if we'll be flying towards the end of the week, seems to be one day at a time at present, some good and some not.

Hope Tuesday has been kind to all :)

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