End of the Heatwave

In the East of England we've had a heatwave for over 3 weeks bar a couple of days, with full sunny days and temperatures up around 30C including today, and this followed a month of very warm sunny weather too. We've missed virtually every bit of rain, even when it's chucked it down in Norwich. The grass is completely parched and I've had to use the hosepipe on tubs and new shrubs. Trees and older shrubs have withered leaves and mis-shapen fruit. Tonight should see the end of the heatwave and thunderstorms were forecast, although it looks like we might have missed them again. I'm writing this with the fan on to try to keep cool, and thankfully the temperature is forecast to drop tonight and be 10C less tomorrow with temperatures back to the low 20's - bliss!!! I thought I'd mark the end of the heatwave in my blip as a record to look back on.  

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