Political Pizzas

This is one of several photos taken in the evening when we were having a get together to learn how to work with the election campaign. Several hours of conversation and encouragement, organisation and pizza. There's a lot of blurred areas in this shot as everyone was keen on getting their pizza!

It was a useful evening, I feel delighted that one of our national representatives is also a woman from our town, Christina Hoj Larsen. The fact that she is smart, personable and a very good speaker just makes it all the better. She's on the left in white. She is quite involved at local level too, which is amazing considering the pressure of work that an MP has in the month before the general election.

There's plenty for us to do before then, leafleting the municipality, putting up the 120 posters, ringing people who might need a little extra encouragement to vote socialist and so on. Then there's all the opportunities to meet voters on the town square. Most of the active members also have jobs and children to think about so the pensioners kept putting their hands up! A busy month ahead.

In other news:
Coughing less.
Did 2 hours of fairly gentle gardening and planted 3 lavender plants.
Had to rest.

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