musings of a Nepali girl

By Pratiksha

Got a friend in you

These lads must be friends I though. I wonder if they will stick together all day. It will be a tough competition.

You hear them shout “Khali sisi bottle kajag” from the bottom of their lungs. They walk or ride their scruffy bikes from home to home to buy any empty glass bottles and paper (recyclables).

This photo has it all: the life of the poor, the beautiful blue sky, a posh house with the trees, Nepal’s bad roads and the electric wires!

The best thing about my commute to work is that I can take all pictures I can with my phone while Phil rides the motorbike. I saw the majestic mountain range, beautiful blue sky after four days of on and off rain, the messy Nepali wiring system (which I agree is very dangerous), and the everyday life of people, all kinds of people!

Have a great day everyone! I am so thankful for all your beautiful comments, stars and hearts on my ‘wash day’ photo. Dhanyabad!

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