But Me No Butts

Just liked the ring of the title and it fits .I loathe cigarette butts strewn all over , outside cafes, bus stops & in parks. Ghastly & extremely toxic they stink .OK most know this and many of you may have read what the French have begun. They've trained 6 Rooks to go around a park and collect such human trash .The birds deposit these in a special box & get a food reward. My friend in Australia saw this article in the Sydney Morning Herald and sent to me . The birds can fill a bucket in 45 minutes !
Again corvids prove they have more sense than some humans .Maybe the powers that be in UK will reconsider  scrapping the annual cull of such. For a few peanuts and some training Britain could be cleaner .Smokers have demonstrated they aren't up to it .This 'yuk'  around a tree  was taken whilst out and cross processed in an attempt to blur the true ugliness... It hasn't worked.:)
Corvids Clean Up Park

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