Spot the sunglasses

Son has had a bad week.

His bank card was cloned last week and someone bought £5K flights - bank sorted it of course but real hassle and upsetting. And as he has had to return something he had bought the bank cards didn’t match. Fingers crossed on that one.

His favourite shaving brush has fallen apart.

His panama hat, which he has had for 6 years or so got trapped in the security belt at the airport and is just about ruined. British airways have acknowledged there will be an insurance claim.

The hotel failed to organise the transfer from the airport, so we had a ride in a yellow cab (good) but the driver had a 50 minute call to Social Services helpline whilst he drove us .... badly.

And lastly, we took a walk round the block after we had checked in and freshened up .... and son managed to drop his sunglasses which fell straight through the small holes in the drain. On 5th Avenue.

He is feeling pretty fed up.

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