Floral Dance

I've done a bit more today than the last few, but still not overdone it! I have been down to the local shops and into the Arboretum for a blip. I was out quite early and the light was lovely then. It has clouded up now, so I'm glad I decided not to wait.

I don't know what these flowers are, but I love the colour of them. They were popular with the insects too! Thanks once more to BikerBear for hosting Flower Friday

I have done some bits around the house too, and now I'm chilling out before I have to go to work. Last night was so quiet I thought the boss was going to go into meltdown. He wasn't happy with us, but we can't drag customers in off the street! Not least because the street itself was also quiet!

I daresay tonight will be ridiculously busy to balance it all out!

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